Since our founding, we’ve built Shibumi as a decision support system that provides end-to-end management for strategic investments, from planning to execution to benefits measurement, enabling confident transformation and performance improvement. We’re pleased to share that Shibumi has become an AI-enhanced decision-support system.

Large language models (LLMs), a form of generative AI, have advanced rapidly in the past year. They now possess formidable capabilities in data analysis, data visualization creation, information summarization, language understanding, and writing. These advances have serious potential to benefit enterprise leaders managing strategic programs and portfolios.

Shibumi has incorporated one of the world’s most advanced Large Language Models from OpenAI into our platform to help enterprise leaders, EPMOs, and PMOs improve planning, resource management, risk management, and project management to maximize program value achievement. Thanks to the power of an LLM embedded in Shibumi, the administrative strain associated with pulling reports and accessing data needed for decision-making will be reduced significantly. Learning and setting up Shibumi solutions will also become easier, as AI empowers users to get quick answers to their configuration questions based on Shibumi’s support documentation.

Introducing Shibumi Interactive Assistant (Sia)

With this announcement, Sia offers two solutions – AI Analyze and AI Support.

AI Analyze

AI Analyze intelligently reviews your program to help you progress initiatives, get ahead of risks, and make prioritization decisions.  Sia, our chatbot, responds to natural language prompts by assessing your initiatives’ value, risk, dependencies, timelines, etc.

AI Analyze

Once AI Analyze is activated in your enterprise, click the chat icon in Shibumi and start asking questions about your initiatives.

Example use cases:

  • Scenario plan and evaluate trade-offs. For more than a year, customers have had access to Shibumi’s scenario planning module – where a portfolio manager can compare what happens to benefits, costs, and roadmap resources when selecting different initiatives. Now, you can ask natural language questions about risks, dependencies, timelines, benefits, and costs and lean on our AI model’s strength in data analysis to instantly draw insights that support trade-off decisions.
  • Optimize work planning. You can ask questions about the milestones and activities you’re tracking at the initiative level to get insights that help you determine what to work on and when.
  • Get ahead of risks and issues. If you’re tracking risks, issues, assumptions, and decisions in Shibumi, our AI-powered chatbot will help you quickly spot the initiatives that are at-risk, highly complex, and/or have lots of dependencies – so you can proactively mitigate the items that may derail your initiatives.

AI Analyze Chatbot

AI Support

One of the core powers of large language models is their ability to read a lot of text and draw out the most important or relevant information for a user. Here at Shibumi, we’ve harnessed this capability to help Shibumi App Admins get answers to their product questions much faster.

AI Support

We have trained a large language model using the articles on the Shibumi support site. Now, App Admins can get precise answers to their product configuration questions in real-time, directly in the app via chat in natural language. Once a user asks a question, AI Support interprets it and looks through all relevant support materials to provide a comprehensive answer. As a result of this improvement, App Admins will be able to accelerate their configuration efforts and deploy their Shibumi solutions more quickly, which will surely please program management teams and executives in their organization.

AI Support is available to App Admins when they are configuring Templates and/or Dashboards.

Getting Started with AI Capabilities in Shibumi

To activate the Shibumi AI capabilities, please contact your Shibumi Account team.

What’s Next on the Roadmap

Our AI journey is just getting started. We plan to continue to incorporate generative AI, large language models and machine learning into Shibumi. The launch of AI Analyze and AI Support affirms our commitment to providing innovative solutions for our clients.