AI Value Accelerator

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Benefits of AI Value Accelerator

Optimize AI program management with a centralized platform for idea management, opportunity prioritization, AI project lifecycle management, and automated ROI tracking.

Apply Governance

Stand up a consistent and rigorous process for governing AI projects — from ideation to experimentation to benefit realization.

Centralized AI Idea Hub

Empower your entire enterprise to submit new ideas for AI applications and manage ideas centrally in a secure platform.

Prioritization Engine

Define a scoring system and leverage out-of-box reports and visualizations to effectively prioritize AI opportunities.

Measure Business Benefits

Set up stage-appropriate success measures for AI program. Automatically monitor and report the program’s value and ROI.

AI Value Accelerator Features

Centralized solution for responsible AI program and project management, ensuring alignment with business objectives throughout their lifecycle.

Define Outcomes and Business Benefits for AI Projects

In AI Value Accelerator, you can categorize AI projects by business goals and benefit types to ensure that your organization is only investing in projects supportive of organizational priorities.

AI Value Accelerator Dashboard

Govern Your AI Program

AI Value Accelerator provides the governance you need to ensure that all AI projects are done ethically and managed responsibly. Leverage stages and gates to move AI projects through a lifecycle and take-advantage of automated notifications and role-based access to ensure that the right people are involved at the right time.

AI Value Accelerator Governance

Scale Up Your AI Innovation Pipeline

Efficiently capture new AI ideas/use cases from stakeholders across your organization. Create an in-take questionnaire within minutes and start using it to solicit AI ideas from your workforce. Or import existing ideas into AI Value Accelerator via CSV. All entries are organized centrally in AI Value Accelerator – making triage easier.

AI Value Accelerator Opportunities

Manage Business Cases and Risk Assessments

AI Value Accelerator comes with built-in business case and risk assessment templates for documenting AI projects’ expected value, feasibility, risks, and costs. These templates help decision-makers better understand the potential ROI of various projects and make optimal trade-off.

AI Value Accelerator Scoring System

Score and Prioritize AI Opportunities

Use the best data and analytics possible to determine which AI opportunities are worthy of exploration and further investment. Understand what’s in your pipeline and see how opportunities compare against one another with our configurable scoring system and out of-the-box interactive visualizations and reports.

Score and Prioritize AI Opportunities

Prototype, Validate and Iterate

Unlike other initiatives, AI projects do not follow a linear path. It takes multiple cycles of iteration to determine which AI algorithm(s) yield the best results. Once a proof-of-concept works, additional testing and iterating are required before decision-makers will deem it ready for deployment. AI Value Accelerator is built to accommodate this reality. Teams can document the value hypothesis and success metric(s) for the project, and track their task and the key learnings. Decision-makers can review this information to determine which projects should move forward, move back to a phase, be put on hold, or stopped.

AI Value Accelerator Single Opp

Manage Work Items to Drive Adoption and Business Benefits

Using an AI system to replace an existing process can be disruptive. Thus, planning for change is a crucial aspect of AI implementations. In AI Value Accelerator, cross-functional teams can create workplans and track the key activities and milestones that need to be completed to gain user acceptance of an AI application and reap business benefits.

AI Value Accelerator Activity Tracking

Monitor and Report on the Business Benefits of the AI Program

AI Value Accelerator automatically monitors the business benefits of deployed AI projects. See the actual benefits of AI implementations/deployments over time with out-of-box dashboards and reports. Further, get an aggregated view of the value of your entire AI program.

AI Value Accelerator Monitoring

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