Shibumi: Strategic Portfolio Management Software

Shibumi is the platform of choice for enterprises looking to achieve ambitious corporate performance targets through transformation and continuous improvement efforts.

Why Choose Shibumi

Purpose-built to help you achieve and measure impact from your strategic initiatives

A highly configurable platform that supports multiple programs, methodologies and roles

Ready-to-use modules that improve the management of strategic programs end-to-end, from ideation to benefit realization

Works seamlessly with the tools you love. 1000+ integrations supported

See How Shibumi Works

Define outcomes, generate ideas, define business cases, rank and prioritize, manage and monitor execution and track benefits—all within a single enterprise-grade SaaS platform.

Manage Any Type of Strategic Program & Measure Its Impact

Shibumi was purpose-built for business and operations leaders looking to improve business outcomes and measure the impact of their strategic initiatives. Because Shibumi is a highly flexible platform, you can configure it to support any strategic program and mold it to conform to your methodology and processes.

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Manage Strategic Programs End-to-End with Quick-Start Modules

Regardless of the type of strategic program you’re running, every program needs to be governed through a set of phases, from strategy setting to benefits realization. Shibumi has created modules designed to support specific phases of managing a strategic program. These modules are packaged with best practices based on years of client engagement success and are ready-to-use out-of-the-box.

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Define Outcomes | Governance | Generate Ideas | Define Business Case | Rank & Prioritize | Manage Execution | Track Benefits


Strategy Management:

Define the strategic priorities, target outcomes, and KPIs. Then, align programs, initiatives and projects to those strategic goals, corporate- value drivers and KPIs. Shibumi automatically calculates and reports the benefits realized from your strategic programs, initiatives and projects based on your preferred reporting scheme.



Define and implement stages and approval gates to standardize and streamline your approval process for initiatives and projects. Once the stages and approval workflows are set up, Shibumi will enforce your desired approval process and provide reports into the pipeline with the stages you specified.


Idea Intake Management:

Design idea intake forms and use them to collect business improvement ideas from all corners of your organization and efficiently evaluate their potential impact.


Business Case Management:

With Shibumi, you can drive consistent business case creation to support effective cost-benefit analysis and risk assessments for programs, initiatives and projects.


Resource Management:

Define roles, individuals, and skills and manage utilization across multiple initiatives. Let individuals track their time. Use highly visual dashboards, OOTB reports, or our AI model’s analysis capability to detect resource conflicts based on the effort and duration of each initiative or project.

Scenario Planning:

Quickly compare what happens to benefits, costs, and roadmap resources when selecting different initiatives in our Scenario module. Or ask questions about risks, dependencies, timelines, benefits, and costs in natural language and lean on our AI model’s strength in data analysis to instantly draw insights that support trade-off decisions.


Work Planning:

Track detailed milestones and activities at the initiative level. Shibumi supports waterfall, agile, and hybrid working modes. Shibumi can integrate with Jira, ServiceNow, and many other project management tools and grab pertinent information, such as project milestone completion, and reflect it in Shibumi. Use our AI-powered chatbot to ask questions about your work and get insights that help you determine what to work on and when.


Create interactive Gantt charts to understand what’s coming up in an initiative or project. Visually track milestones and dependencies.

Risk Issue Assumption Decision (RAID) Log:

Track risks, issues, assumptions, and decisions for each of your initiatives in a central location. Our AI-powered chatbot can help you quickly spot the initiatives that are at-risk, highly complex, and/or have lots of dependencies – so you can get ahead of items that may derail your initiatives.



Access real-time reports and presentations to validate whether initiatives are delivering the expected benefits and manage potential impacts. Leverage data-driven insights to optimize a portfolio, drive greater accountability to operational teams, and save program and project managers significant time in reporting and preparing presentations.

Integrations that support seamless workflows and data synchronization across apps

Shibumi Connect plugs into 1,000+ software providers, including project management systems, financial reporting software, analytics and BI tools. Keep working with the systems you love while Shibumi monitors programs’ performance and tracks the benefits realized in-real time on your behalf.

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Connect Shibumi to your project management system to automatically surface milestone achievements, project delays, interdependencies across projects and portfolios, and any changes that affect cost, resources, or timelines to decision-makers

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Intuitive User Interface for All User Types

From C-suite to initiative leaders to individual contributors, everyone involved in a strategic program can benefit from using Shibumi.

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Executive Leadership

Shibumi's AI-enabled decision-support system provides end-to-end support for strategic investments, from planning to execution to benefits measurement, enabling confident transformation and performance improvement.

EPMO Leaders

Set up a governance system for strategic investments. This system allows you to plan and track investments, programs, initiatives, and digital products, all in a single location. Access data about portfolios’ performance and take advantage of AI-powered insights to help you drive accountability for value realization.

Program/Project Teams

Set up workplans and roadmaps in an intuitive UI. Manage resources and delivery timelines. Let the software handle data-rollups and reporting on your behalf so you can focus and excel at program execution.

Application Administrators

Become self-sufficient in hours, not weeks or months. Shibumi offers a user-friendly platform that allows you to create, modify, and build intuitive templates and business rules with zero coding. Get on-demand answers to your product questions in Shibumi by firing up a chat with our AI-powered support bot.

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Mobile App Available for iOS and Android

Shibumi is fully optimized for both mobile and Desktop – so your workforce use Shibumi in any situation. The mobile app is available for download in the Apple and Google Play stores.

Role-Based Permissions Give You Tight Control Over Data Access

Leverage Shibumi’s flexible role-based permission system to tightly control who can interact with items in your Shibumi solution and how they can interact with those items. Leverage our out-of-the-box roles or create custom roles to suit your needs.

Security, Risk and Compliance

Shibumi deploys best practice technologies and processes to justify the trust of the most demanding global enterprises

    • Protect sensitive data throughout the strategy execution process with AES 256 encryption and TLS 1.2 for data in transit
    • Control user access with SAML 2.0 compliant Single Sign-On, strong password policies, granular access control, and full audit logs
    • Meet global standards with SOC 2 Type II Certification, CSA Cloud Controls Matrix standards compliance, and successful completion of the Australian IRAP assessment


See how Shibumi can help you increase success rate for your strategic programs