Business Transformation


Track, Measure & Manage Cost

Empower teams to execute with agility against clear, measurable goals and have realtime visibility to progress

cost transformation


A Single Source of Data Driven Insights

Know which of your cost transformation initiatives are delivering the maximum benefits and manage their execution

revenue transformation

Sustain Business Benefits

Manage value delivery, build team engagement and establish long-term program governance that delivers sustainable results

Now more than ever, delivering cost transformation is essential to survival. Effective transformation can also be a competitive differentiator. 

  • Shibumi enables you to cascade out clear and measurable objectives for any program across your organization
  • To capture and prioritize bottom-up generated improvement opportunities and manage them to fruition
  • Shibumi enables you to make data driven decisions on which portfolio of investments will deliver the maximum outcome
  • Manage the delivery of benefits and automate stakeholder reporting with a single, fit for purpose application.
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What You Need to Know About How Cost Management Is Changing

How companies view cost management – and the ability of this process to extend beyond purely financial concerns and benefits – can have major implications. Improvements like responsiveness to more efficient workflows and better oversight of key functions are all possible with optimal cost management strategies.


Cost Transformation

See how Shibumi helped a leading freight management company to complete large-scale cost reduction without disrupting business operations.