What is strategy execution management?

Strategy Execution Management (SEM) is the technology-enabled execution of critical business programs to deliver measurable enterprise-scale results – such as revenue uplift, cost improvement or market share gain.  Unlike standard program management, effective Strategy Execution is:

  • Outcome-focused: Tracking activities and managing deadlines are foundational to any kind of business execution, but managing “on-time and on-budget” alone is not enough to guarantee the right business results
  • A balance of art and science: All program teams need data and process to succeed, but driving sustained strategic change also requires engaging an entire organization in a shared mission based on each team’s distinct business, cultural and political context
  • Methodology-driven: Strategic programs do not follow a formula, and each type of strategic program requires a distinct approach, defined by organizational experience, team expertise and outside advisor guidance
  • Agile: The only constant in strategy execution is change, and successful execution requires the speed to ramp-up new capabilities quickly, as well as the flexibility to constantly adjust execution based on learnings and changing business requirements

Organizations have traditionally used a range of tools such as spreadsheets and presentation tools, coupled together with workflow and collaboration tools such as email to support strategy execution, but Shibumi’s SaaS platform has been purpose-built for the unique requirements of helping global enterprise-scale organizations to manage their most strategic programs for greater success.

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