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Data-driven, AI-enabled decision-support for strategic portfolio management

The Shibumi Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) Platform enables business leaders to deliver continuous business value through

An industry leading platform for strategy execution

Enable teams with a single collaboration tool. Get out of spreadsheets and focused on the delivery of continuous business value.

An AI-enabled, real-time decision support system

Give program leadership the information they need to make data-driven decisions based on shifting business priorities.

Strategy-to-execution alignment and adaptation

Support clear definition of key business strategies and desired business outcomes and continuously optimize for value.

Track Financial & Non Financial KPI's
Perform Dynamic What-If Scenario Modeling
Interdependencies & Capacity Mapping
Capture and Prioritize Demand
Manage Constraints & Risks
Automate Reporting & Roll-Ups

See the Shibumi SPM Solution in action

“Some alternative products support stage gating, or performance tracking, or financial progress. Shibumi combines all three. And much more…”


Empower business leaders, EPMO and IT leaders with access to the information they need in order to make real-time data-driven decisions, based on shifting priorities. Enable your organization to be agile and continuously optimized for outcomes.

EPMO & SRO Leaders

Ensure strategy-to-execution alignment, portfolio-level governance, portfolio monitoring, and strategic portfolio decision-making that drives achievement of key strategic goals.

Initiative Owners

Shibumi’s easy to use, intuitive user interface requires little or no training, which means that Initiative Owners can minimize the time spent on administration and reporting and focus on successfully delivering business value.

Shibumi integrations

Integrate with the tools your teams love

With Shibumi, there is no need to ask your teams to leave the tools they love. Shibumi Connect integrates easily with almost all modern applications, meaning that you can further capitalize on the investment you’ve made in other technologies while enabling your teams to work in the ways that suit them best.

Deliver deeper, more consolidated insights

Integrating with the applications your data silos live in means that Shibumi can help you deliver a 360-degree view of the information your leadership needs in order to make real-time, data-driven, value-based decisions that continuously optimizes the delivery of continuous business value.

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Trusted by leading global brands in every industry

“In a prior role I worked on a transformation program where we used an Excel-based tracker. Shibumi’s web-based tool was a much better solution for our needs. We have never had this level of transparency on strategic initiatives.”
Transformation Office Head, European Manufacturer
Life Sciences
“Shibumi has played a key role in supporting our ambitious transformation goals. Before deploying Shibumi, it often took us weeks to assemble each executive update, but we now have real-time access to critical strategic data.”
Corporate Programs Manager, North American Life Sciences
“Shibumi has been an important foundation for the delivery of a critical transformation program. With Shibumi, initiative teams are empowered for flexible execution, while program leadership has the information to identify emerging delivery risks, maintain stakeholder alignment and confirm progress toward our goals.”
Head of Results Delivery Office, Global Healthcare Manufacturer
Consumer Goods
“Implementing our advisor’s methodology through Shibumi helped us bring efficiency, accountability, and transparency to a program that spans all of our transformation objectives, geographies and business units.”
Corporate Transformation Lead, Global Consumer Goods
Financial Services
“The original business case I made around Shibumi was, ‘I’m not going to grow my staff, I’m going to grow the organization through the tool [Shibumi].’ That was at least a half million dollars of annual savings.”
SVP, Multi-national Financial Institution