Post-Merger Integration Software

Ramp up mergers & integrations quickly

Quickly align the combined organizations around clear objectives and timing. Set and manage to clear outcomes to ensure your integration is a success


Manage M&A program execution risk

Know if your integration is off-track by connecting integration tasks and milestones to critical outcomes. Knowing where you stand enables timely intervention, keeping progress on track

Drive synergy delivery

Realize the potential of your merger or acquisition by focusing your team on integration initiatives. Understand critical goals in unlocking the synergy benefits you are expecting

Power your M&A integrations through a scalable, consistent and repeatable PMI process

  • A single system to manage the end to end merger integration process, ensuring management have visibility to real-time progress data
  • Cascade out integration tasks and measurable synergy goals across the organization and manage agile execution
  • Organize tasks into initiatives and higher-level workstreams, BU’s and geographies to enable the organization-wide view of your integration
  • Track key integration milestones, dependencies, risks and synergy objectives
  • Streamline reporting of the overall progress toward integration and synergy objectives
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Managing stage-gates for your strategic program

A robust stage-gate process plays a critical role in many strategic programs by strengthening governance and enabling early executive intervention.


Increasing Post-Merger Integration (PMI) Success with Software

See how Shibumi enables organizations to develop a competitive advantage through effective M&A


Post-Merger Integration 

See how Shibumi helped one of the worlds largest organizations to drive major revenue and cost synergies from a cross-border acquisition.