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Identify, execute, & drive the initiatives that deliver strategic value creation across the portfolio

Shibumi creates a single source of truth to continually assess existing and proposed initiatives against forecasted benefit delivery.




Deliver transformation with…

A Common Approach Across Your Portfolio

Don’t reinvent the wheel or duplicate your efforts. Standardize your firm’s value creation process across your portfolio while maintaining the flexibility each holding needs to operate effectively.

Holistic, Real-time Decision Support

Get a top-down view of the portfolio, individual companies, and initiative performance to see what’s driving cost savings or adding value in order to continually make better decisions and manage risk.

A Highly Configurable Platform

Shibumi is a flexible, highly configurable technology that can be easily adapted to the needs of PE firms, their portfolio companies, and associated advisory firms. Shibumi is used by 8 of the top 10 advisory firms worldwide and 70+ of the Fortune 1000.

Having a portfolio-wide solution helps us really ingrain our value creation methodology and allows us to see a broader picture across the portfolio, even down to an individual portfolio company initiative. Shibumi makes it so easy for operators to get out of siloed spreadsheets and instead collaborate and execute with higher degrees of alignment to create the impact that will help us grow our fund.



Partner, Leading Northeast US Private Equity Firm

Achieve maximum ROI with any strategic initiative

Create a direct line of sight into performance, risks, and issues with the ability to act with agility in responding to changing business priorities and conditions.

Shibumi is designed to meet the most critical needs of private equity firms

  • Unlock critical, data-driven insights
  • Prioritize initiatives and forecast benefit delivery
  • Perform dynamic what-if scenario modeling
  • Identify risks and issues that impact value creation
  • Automate data flow to measure KPIs from a single source of truth
  • Maintain real-time visibility from leadership
  • Course correct before it’s too late

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