Enterprises that want to remain competitive today must consider a future with artificial intelligence. Companies across many industries with series AI investments are already reaping benefits, including accelerated speed-to-market, boosted operational resilience, efficiency and productivity gains, lowered costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

However, as incredibly beneficial as the technology can be, implementing AI systems comes with numerous risks. For organizations that has decided to take a step forward and embrace AI, how can they improve the odds of success? How can an organization create and accelerate the business value of AI while avoiding the pitfalls that derail so many AI deployments?

We’ve created this e-book to help business and technology leaders and AI teams develop a winning AI strategy and effectively govern and manage their projects from ideation to experimentation to benefit realization. Access operating principles, frameworks, and practical tips that can help your organization scale up AI use cases responsibly and overcome common AI adoption hurdles.

What’s inside:

  • Practical, Step by Step Approach you can take to identify high-impact use cases for AI for your organization.
  • Use Case Prioritization Framework: Learn how to prioritize AI use cases, maximizing impact with limited resources.
  • Cost-Effective Experimentation: Explore strategies for efficient experimentation in AI, ensuring cost containment and risk mitigation.
  • Performance Measurement: Understand how to assess AI systems and their impact on your organization and customers.
  • AI Center of Excellence: Understand why it’s beneficial to establish an AI CoE, and how to create a highly effective AI CoE
  • Responsible AI: Gain insights into developing and deploying AI systems responsibly and ethically.