New AI Value Accelerator provides organizations with a platform to confidently manage the complete AI initiative lifecycle

Norwalk, CT – December 06, 2023 –Shibumi, a Strategic Portfolio Management leader, today announced Shibumi AI Value Accelerator, a new SaaS solution designed for enterprise leaders looking to enhance value and reduce risks from their AI and ML technology investments.

This solution provides companies with a centralized approach to the lifecycle management, governance, and scaling of AI programs, contributing to sustainable growth, customer satisfaction, efficiency, and overall business transformation.

“Shibumi’s purpose is to build apps and solutions that help enterprises drive success in their portfolio of their most strategic initiatives, and this certainly includes the deployment of AI,” said Bob Nahmias, CEO at  “AI Value Accelerator will empower organizations to embark on their own AI journeys with confidence, helping them unlock the full potential of AI.”

Greater Outcomes and Business Benefits for AI Programs

AI Value  provides a centralized hub that gives organizations oversight throughout the AI program lifecycle:

  • With built-in stages and gates, leaders can drive consistency and rigor in their AI program management, from ideation to experimentation to benefit realization.
  • With a few clicks, the entire organization can submit AI ideas and leaders can review those ideas centrally.
  • A scoring system helps leaders effectively identify and prioritize the AI opportunities most suited to support the business in an ethical and responsible way.
  • AI teams can document their experiments and provide evidence to help leaders decide whether to deploy an AI solution more broadly.
  • Real-time monitoring provides insights into the value being driven by each AI initiative.

Ensuring AI Programs Drive Value while Protecting Assets

With the flood of AI opportunities and an increasingly distributed business environment, connecting strategic investments and managing them effectively is crucial.  With this launch, Shibumi is proud to help enterprises manage and execute their AI initiatives with the confidence that they will deliver value back to the organization, while at the same time protecting their intellectual property responsibly and ethically to their employees, customers, and shareholders.


AI Value Accelerator is now generally available. For more information visit here.