Since the beginning of Shibumi, we’ve been focused on streamlining strategy execution and bringing visibility into your program’s success. This has driven much of our product roadmap and pushed us to develop innovative features such as our configurable interface and dynamic presentations, among others. A major component of tracking program success is tracking the business metrics that define that success. In the Shibumi platform, a metric is a quantifiable set of data over time, think quarterly sales, monthly savings, etc… Additionally, a metric can be either manually entered, calculated or integrated to an external application. Today, we’re excited to announce a completely new way to create and maintain calculated metrics.

We had 3 goals when we set out to reimagine calculated metrics

  1. Intuitive – Provide an extremely easy-to-understand expression language using industry standard notation
  2. Powerful – Allow creation and management of advanced expressions to be as simple and streamlined as possible
  3. Extensible – Develop a library of functions that can grow and evolve over time

We’re proud to say we’ve hit our goals and created something that will enable our partners & customers to hit theirs.

Using our expression language, analyzing large amounts of data is simple. Slicing-and-dicing of that data can now be done in minutes, providing unique insights.

Let’s take a simple example and see how it’s done. I’m managing a strategic program within a large multi-national organization. The goal of this program is to reduce operational costs across multiple business units and geographies. I’ve got some big targets for improvement, so I don’t want opportunities with savings less than 500k.

sumif(Opportunity__t, Business_Case_Savings__c, Business_Case_Savings__c > 500000)

Or, I may want to know the average amount of savings for all opportunities.

averageif(Opportunity__t, Business_Case_Savings__c)

Or, I may want to plot cumulative savings over time, based on when the savings are expected to be realized.

cumulative(sumif(Opportunity__t, onDate(Business_Case_Savings__c,Achieved_Date__c)))

Collecting and maintaining this type of data without Shibumi is a full-time job in and of itself. Before metric expressions in Shibumi, these types of calculations were possible, but not nearly as simple to create and maintain.

Metrics expressions are available now and make pulling together this detail an easy exercise.

Full documentation can be found here. If you have any questions please reach out to your account manager for more information.