We’ve all been there, on a Friday, working on a presentation to brief executives on status and progress of a major program. Pulling data from email and spreadsheets, formatting into a set of slides, emailing it to multiple team members for feedback and validation. Typically, this is a monthly or sometimes weekly report. It’s crucially important to communicate, but the whole process wastes huge amounts of time that could otherwise be spent working on the actual program.

From the start, Shibumi wanted to solve this problem. Provide an easy, efficient way to manage the program, from status tracking, to collaboration, to monitoring the business benefits. Building on our enterprise program management platform, we’ve developed Presentations.

Presentations are a native ability to pull data from portfolios, programs, initiatives, really anything being tracked in Shibumi, and place it into a set of slides. You can create template presentations that include as many slides as necessary. Now, your monthly presentation is live and connected to your data. Sharing it with executives is a single click away.

You have full control of what gets shared

One advantage of manually creating these presentations is the control it provides. By creating them manually you know exactly what data is being shared and how it looks. We made sure you still get that same level of control.

Each slide in a Shibumi presentation can be locked. Once it’s locked, even if the source data changes, it won’t change in that slide. In addition, slides can be locked at different days and times. So, similar to how it’s done today, you can finalize the deck over time.

Once the slides are locked and ready, the entire presentation is Published. Once published there is a unique link generated. This is what you send to your audience. This is the final version of the presentation, the one that has been reviewed and validated by the team.


Create engaging presentations

Another advantage of manually creating a presentation is the artistic control you have. Highlighting information, calling out key points and adding graphics and charts. These all help you tell your story and communicate in an engaging way.

Building on our already great formatting and charting features, we’ve added even more. You can already format your tables, add color and various charts, but now you can also add images and have even more control of text formatting. This is all controlled from a canvas that allows you to place these elements exactly where you want in the slide.


Promoting consistency and saving time

Based on initial feedback from beta customers this has saved days from their reporting cycles, all while providing a consistent approach to briefings.

For more information ask your Shibumi admin or connect with us directly!