Achieve 100% of Your Strategic Goals with Shibumi

Leading Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and government agencies all choose Shibumi as their operating system for managing strategic initiatives and delivering measurable outcomes.

Achieve and measure value from your strategic initiatives

Manage the entire lifecycle of a strategic program in a single platform

Support a wide range of program types, methodologies, and stakeholders

Govern Your Strategic Investments With Rigor and Improve ROI

70% of all strategic initiatives fail to deliver the expected outcomes due to misalignment between specific investments and the organization’s strategic goals, prioritization challenges, execution challenges, or lack of unified data to demonstrate ROI. Shibumi was engineered to address these problems from its very founding over 10 years ago. In fact, it can support and improve every stage in the lifecycle of a strategic program:

Seamless Integrations with Shibumi Connect to Monitor Program Performance Automatically

Shibumi Connect plugs into 1,000+ software providers, including project management systems, financial reporting software, analytics, and BI tools. Keep working with the systems you love while Shibumi monitors programs’ performance and tracks the benefits realized in-real time on your behalf. Meanwhile, the integrations will reduce administrative burden in data entry and reporting.

View common integrations and their benefits:

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Connect Shibumi to your project management system to automatically surface milestone achievements, project delays, interdependencies across projects and portfolios, and any changes that affect cost, resources, or timelines to decision-makers

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Have a Wide Range of Strategic Programs Across Your Enterprise? We’ve Got You Covered.

Common strategic portfolio management disciplines supported in Shibumi

  • Cost Transformation
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Digital Transformation
  • Investment Governance
  • Corporate Development
  • Sustainability/ESG
  • Automation/RPA
  • Grants Management

Common methodologies used by Shibumi customers

  • OKRs
  • Six Sigma
  • Lean
  • Agile
  • Kaizen
  • Hoshin Kanri
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Business Process Management

Shibumi Grows With You

Because Shibumi is extremely configurable, it’s frictionless to take Shibumi from a pilot all the way to enterprise-wide adoption for hundreds of strategic programs.

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Shibumi: Advisory firms’ secret weapon to managing enterprise transformation

If you work with a top-tier advisory firm, Shibumi is likely already engaged. Eight of the top ten advisory firms have digitized their consulting methodology on Shibumi, using Shibumi with clients on enterprise transformation projects.

Shibumi Advisory Firms

Software that Delivers Value for Everyone

Everyone involved in a strategic program can benefit from using Shibumi, from C-Suite to initiative leaders to individual contributors. Stakeholders from program managers to ELTs leverage persona-driven UI to get the right visibility to risk, progress, resourcing and value delivered.

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Executive Leadership

Shibumi's AI-enabled decision-support system provides end-to-end support for strategic investments, covering all stages from planning and execution to measuring benefits. This enables users to confidently manage transformation and enhance performance.

EPMO Leaders

Set up a governance system for strategic investments. Plan investments, programs, initiatives, and digital products, and track their value all in one place. Access data about portfolios’ performance and take advantage of AI-powered insights to help you drive accountability for value realization.

Program/Project Teams

Set up workplans and roadmaps in an intuitive UI. Manage resources and delivery timelines. Let the software handle data-rollups and reporting on your behalf so you can focus and excel at program execution.

Application Administrators

Become self-sufficient in hours, not weeks or months. Shibumi offers a user-friendly platform that allows you to create, modify, and build intuitive templates and business rules with zero coding. Get on-demand answers to your product questions in Shibumi by firing up a chat with our AI-powered support bot.

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Get Up and Running in Weeks and Start Seeing Value Immediately

With Shibumi, you can start seeing value in weeks, not months or years. Lean on our proven approach to driving quick time-to-value:

Leverage Shibumi’s pre-built templates and modules for a quick start

Avoid lengthy custom development cycles by using the intuitive Shibumi no-code platform

Complete last-mile configurations with support from an experienced Shibumi Solution Consultant

Drive solution self-sufficiency and autonomy with resources for app administrators including 1:1 training, on-demand sessions, AI-powered chat support, and virtual resources

Optimize your solution continuously with the help of an experienced Shibumi team at your side so your solution is always in tune with your organizational objectives

Lean on our Experience to Help You Drive Transformation in Your Enterprise

Driving change and transformation can be daunting. Shibumi users are typically senior executives looking to foster a discipline of continuous transformation across their enterprise. Having worked with this type of customer for 10+ years, we’re able to provide you with the methodology expertise and good practices that can help drive lasting change in your organization.

Want to see how Shibumi can help you increase success rate for your strategic programs?