Shibumi is a cloud-based application used to simplify the execution of initiatives and deliver results. We’re all about defining goals, aligning business activity and measuring performance along the way. Working with our customers we’re often asked about Six Sigma.

Working with many Six Sigma practitioners, we have crafted some useful features to better manage projects utilizing that methodology.

Templates are the key

six sigma

We started by creating a template for Six Sigma projects. Because templates can be completely customized, including contents and layout, we were able to fully support the DMAIC methodology. This didn’t only include DMAIC but also all the phases and tasks under each of those steps. In addition, we attached the standard deliverables that should be produced at each stage. For example:

  • Process Maps
  • Fishbone diagrams
  • etc…

To capture all the quantitative data necessary for Six Sigma we leveraged Shibumi metrics. This included metrics like:

  • # of defects
  • Defects per Million Opportunities
  • Cost of Poor Quality
  • Throughput Yield
  • etc…

All of this culminated in a fairly detailed template that customers have already put to use in live Six Sigma projects.  Shibumi is a turn-key application that can help you and your team organize and track your progress and have you executing like the black-belt you truly are.  Try it out.

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