Tailored Learning for Mastering Shibumi Software

Norwalk, CT – May 8, 2024 – Shibumi is proud to introduce Shibumi University, an online learning platform tailored for Shibumi customers and partners. This initiative is set to change how teams interact with our technology, empowering them to be skilled and autonomous in leveraging the Shibumi platform.

Starting today, users can enroll in any number of foundational courses offered by Shibumi University. Soon, the platform will expand to include an App Admin Certification Program, featuring 18 targeted courses. Each course is complemented by hands-on exercises and supported by an accompanying Training App that promotes skill development through practical application. The culmination of these courses will be a Certification Exam, ensuring proficiency and expertise in the Shibumi platform.

“We are thrilled to provide our customers and partners with this elevated learning system.” said Kim Lewis, Chief Product Officer of Shibumi. ” While we are always here for hands-on support, empowering our ecosystem brings the power to their control.”

Theresa Neaton, Shibumi’s Enablement Director, also commented on the significance of this launch: “Shibumi University offers everything from quick, practical courses to comprehensive certifications. It is essentially everything you need to master the Shibumi Platform.”

Shibumi University represents a significant step forward in providing accessible, effective, and comprehensive training for all levels of users, ensuring that every partner and customer can achieve and exceed their operational goals with Shibumi products.

Shibumi University