Updated January 2021

It’s been over a year and a half since our last blog post on the required competencies for achieving RPA success at scale, and whilst the underlying fundamentals behind Robotic Process Automation may not have changed, our understanding and how we approach automation has evolved. So today we’re taking an updated look at what it takes for your organisation to achieve Hyperautomation success in 2020.

There’s no doubt the automation landscape changed significantly in 2019. The rate of adoption of RPA technologies accelerated; with Deloitte reporting that 58% of organisations had already begun an RPA journey, yet only 8% had succeeded in scaling their deployments to 50 or more Digital Workers.

The key challenges reported by automation leaders expose just how common it is to struggle to achieve success as RPA program investments increase. What is a very compelling business case for investing in RPA soon turns into a difficult to manage, expensive and high visibility responsibility that has senior executives paying very close attention. The rewards for succeeding with RPA are significant, in many cases transformational, but so too is the cost of failure.

Evolving from a “Pilot” or “Trial” RPA Program where you have a few Bots automating a selection of business processes, to a larger scale program where your organisation is seeing the benefits of Hyperautomation requires a significant shift in how you approach execution, and a shift in the technology you leverage to manage your automation landscape.

Ensuring your organisation has the right mix of capabilities and competencies to make this shift in execution and technology is critical, as it’s only then that you’ll be positioned to scale your pilot automation efforts to an organisation wide Hyperautomation program. This is what we call ‘crossing the chasm’.

In a follow up to the original 2018 ‘checklist’ whitepaper on achieving RPA success at scale, our Shibumi experts share their experience gathered by working across billions of dollars of RPA Programs, as to what it takes to ‘cross the chasm’ from pilot to Hyperautomation in 2020, and to scale RPA Programs profitably.

Download our updated 2020 checklist on the “Required Competencies for achieving RPA Success at Scale” to learn more.