Earlier this year we released a major update to the Shibumi user interface, our navigation sidebar. This was a big step in improving the interface and making it even more intuitive. But, it was just the first step. We’re excited to share what’s next and further improvements to organizing, finding and sharing content within Shibumi.

Navigation Sidebar

With our upcoming release on 31st May, we’re adding navigation to our sidebar, which will make finding information a few clicks away. Sidebar navigation will reflect the structure of your program and allow you to quickly drill into various areas with a click.

As with everything in Shibumi, it’s all extremely configurable and secure. You’ll control what gets included in the navigation sidebar, and who has access to the items. For instance, I may want to include specific items, such as:

Programs -> Business Units -> Delivery Streams -> Initiatives

I may be tracking more detail in Shibumi, such as Issues, Risks, and Milestones, but decide not to include them in navigation.

As different people login and use the sidebar, they may see different items within it. For instance, Chris who is working on Aerospace initiatives would only see Aerospace in the listing, as far as he’s concerned, that would be the top level. But, for Mary, who is managing the overall program, she would see the full listing of items with access to all of them.

The goal here is to tailor the application based on who you are and what you have access to. This reduces the noise and creates a simple experience for each person.

We also spent much of our time making sure interacting with the navigation sidebar would be intuitive. For instance, when I click on an item in the sidebar, I want it to load, but leave the sidebar alone, exactly where I was. This makes clicking and previewing items a snap.

We’re extremely excited how our navigation sidebar turned out and can’t wait for all our customers to start using it and seeing its value. If you’d like more information or to provide feedback, please reach out to your customer success manager.