Creating A Continuous-Improvement Approach To Cost Optimization

Cost optimization is critical to ongoing business sustainability, and at times, critical to business survival. Co-ordinating cost transformation initiatives across business units, workstreams, cultures, and geographies is increasingly difficult but absolutely essential to maintaining and improving results.

Best practice for continuous cost optimization is to create an always-on culture of identifying cost optimization opportunities and to manage those ideas at scale through a full lifecycle.

Global leaders in continuous cost optimization create a continuous optimization lifecycle that includes scaling enterprise-wide ideation, building the business case for change of often thousands of initiatives, automating the data required for selecting and prioritizing which initiatives to fund and then managing those selected portfolios of cost-out initiatives through delivery and onto actual value realization.

Shibumi’s Cost Optimization solution helps CFO’s and senior business leaders meet the challenge of creating a continuous improvement approach to cost optimization by:

Providing a purpose-built technology platform for managing cost optimization initiatives

Sourcing cost optimization initiatives across the business

Building portfolios of potential value drivers

Making optimized investment & consolidation decisions

Gaining visibility to the delivery of corporate benefits

Tracking, measuring & forecasting the realization of value