Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 8.21.44 AMAchieving real results in a strategic program involves coordination across multiple teams and organizations. Managing this coordination, making sure everyone is informed and enabled, and nothing is dropped or forgotten, is critical to success. To make the task even more difficult, every organization will have their own approach to successful strategy execution, and any system that supports Enterprise Strategy Execution should enforce and automate the organization’s method, rather than expect the organization to adapt to the system.

By automating as much of the repetitive, mundane, and error-prone processes as possible, you not only reduce user friction but also accelerate your results.

So, what are Business Rules?

No matter what your methodology is, our new Business Rules functionality can be easily configured by you, the user, to meet a wide variety of business requirements, and to support the effortless and timely execution of your critical programs. Whether you need to send proactive notifications, route items through an approval chain, or enforce a stage-gate process, all of these examples (and much more!) can be automated in the Shibumi platform using a simple, intuitive syntax.

Support timely business decisions

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Critical to every strategic program is quickly reacting to issues and obstacles as they pop up. Program success often comes down to how quickly these decisions can be made.

Take for example a stakeholder overseeing a program to expand into new geographies. This program has defined clear business benefits and a timeline for when they are expected to be delivered. What’s needed are real-time notifications when issues arise to highlight where key metrics are not delivering on time and on target. With proactive notifications, stakeholders can receive notification in real-time, drill into more detail, and instantly take action to make course-corrections as needed.

Spend less time managing and more time executing

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When managing a strategic program, tracking all the initiatives, ensuring KPIs are performing to target and making sure everyone is submitting their updates is a very time intensive exercise. For Program Managers it leaves little time to make sure the program is delivering the intended business impact.

Business rules can automate the busy work with emails and notifications generated automatically, voting and approvals triggering progress from stage to stage, and dashboards and reports providing program managers an eagle-eye view into progress and status. With Shibumi enforcing your method, less time is spent managing and more time is spent executing.

Create simple user experiences

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Ensuring everyone is engaged and excited about the program is critical to success. If the participants aren’t providing timely and accurate updates, everything else falls apart. Providing the fastest and simplest way to update information is a must. But, for many Initiative Leads this is a painful and drawn out process.

With business rules, notifications and reminders can be scheduled. Combine this with dashboards purpose built to collect status updates, and the Initiative Leads need only to click a link and provide their commentary.

The most exciting part

We’ve barely scratched the surface on what’s possible with Shibumi Business Rules. While we’re excited to talk about how you can leverage this new capability, what’s most exiting to us is to show you what our partners and customers will do with it.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 9.11.36 PMClick here to learn more about rules and how to create them.