Shibumi Expert Program

The name and founding concept of our company comes from the book, Shibumi, a native Japanese term that translates to “the pursuit of perfection through simplicity,” or, in simpler terms. “effortless perfection.” We launched the Shibumi Expert Program to recognize those Shibumi users like yourself who are well on their way to achieving effortless perfection using Shibumi.
The program recognizes three levels of achievement on the journey to Shibumi mastery, corresponding to the traditional phases of mastery:
  1. Shu: Level l – Blue Belt — This mastery stage highlights the foundational knowledge Shibumi users have attained and worked into the framework of their organization’s goals. Shibumi Expert Blue Belts have the expertise and discipline to accelerate their learning and impact on their organization.
  2. Ha: Level 2 – Brown Belt — This stage highlights the mastery of the underlying principles and theory behind the strategic management work that can be accomplished with Shibumi. Shibumi Expert Brown Belts also recognize when forms are broken and need to be discarded to help their organization succeed.
  3. Ri: Level 3 – Black Belt — This stage highlights the exemplary use of creative techniques to adapt to changing environments that transcend basic forms. Use of Shibumi is now second nature. A Shibumi Expert Black Belt is a leader and an innovator, enabling
    well-functioning teams to be productive and perform at their best.
We congratulate all certified Shibumi Experts and look forward to welcoming more to their ranks in the coming weeks and months!