Why Shibumi is the only choice for managing strategic programs

What type of software are you comparing with Shibumi?

PPM tools manage efficient operational execution, not enterprise-scale business value delivery
  • Optimized for tracking ‘on-time, on-budget’, with rigid program structures and metric types
  • No single version of the truth, with key business data and executive presentations managed offline impotenciastop.com
  • Expensive and slow to deploy and update, with ongoing enterprise IT support required

Instead, use Shibumi for agile execution focused on business value delivery, quickly updating metrics, process, reports, dashboards and executive readouts without requiring IT support

Project management tools support individual projects, not multi-initiative strategic programs
  • Partial view of program-level trends, relying on inconsistent metrics and flat data structures
  • Limited scaling, with no program-level management of data sharing, workflows or user roles
  • Inefficient process, with each executive briefing requiring extracting and copying data into slides

Instead, use Shibumi for program-scale execution that tracks and aggregates metrics across hundreds of initiatives, manages structured workflows, and controls information flow across thousands of users

Data visualization tools analyze point-in-time data, but don’t manage program execution through time
  • No single version of the truth, with external spreadsheets required to track changing data
  • Inefficient process, reliant on e-mail and slides to maintain information flow across the program team
  • Limited ability to scale, with no program structure to manage user access and information flow

Instead, use Shibumi to manage program-scale execution by tracking changing data through time, establishing input/review/update workflows, and scaling to support hundreds of distinct initiatives