Introducing the Ui Path Value Accelerator – Powered by Shibumi (updated July 2020)


The Ui Path Value Accelerator was recently replaced by the  Shibumi RPA Accelerator 2.0.

The Shibumi RPA Accelerator 2.0 is a solution that natively integrates with UiPath Orchestrator to help UiPath customers to manage the end to end lifecycle of their RPA program.

The RPA Accelerator is a SaaS solution for UiPath customers looking to scale their automation programs. You can find us now on UiPath Go!



UiPath partners and customers may be familiar with the UiPath Automation Hub, formerly known as Enterprise Connect. The Automation Hub solution is designed to help UiPath customers to manage the ROI of their RPA program. An alternative to Automation Hub (formerly Enterprise Connect) is the Shibumi RPA Accelerator.

Shibumi’s UiPath Value Accelerator is designed specifically to integrate with UiPath. The integration allows UiPath customers and partners to manage the end to end lifecycle of their automation program from process identification, through to business case assessment, prioritization, and management approval and onto development and benefits realization.

If you are serious about scaling your RPA program using UiPath or any of the leading RPA tools in the market (Shibumi also partners with Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere) then the Shibumi RPA Accelerator is the ideal tool for you to consider.

Specifically designed to be the ‘operating system’ of the RPA Center of Excellence, the Shibumi RPA Accelerator will help you to scale your program and maximize your Return on Investment. For more information visit here Shibumi RPA Accelerator





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Video Transcript

– Introducing the UiPath Value Accelerator Powered by Shibumi

– A SaaS Solution for UiPath customers looking to scale their automation program

– Quickly build a pipeline of automation ideas from across your organization

– Score rank and prioritize automation ideas and build out the business case

– Manage opportunities via the highly configurable workflow and approvals engine

– Streamline decision making with all of the necessary data in one place

– Manage the delivery of your automation pipeline within Shibumi

– With insight into the financial impact of project delays or changes

– Calculate the benefits of your program using Shibumi’s out-of-the-box integration with UiPath Orchestrator

– All those Dashboards and Presentations you need, we’ve automated them too!

– Maximize your automation results with the UiPath Automation Accelerator

 To learn more about Shibumi, schedule a time for a walk-through of the solution here