Download our benchmark report and see how leading companies use strategic portfolio management to drive business success.

Business transformation is accelerating. Is your company ready? Our new benchmark report reveals the latest trends and best practices for business transformation and strategic portfolio management.

The 2024 Strategic Portfolio Management Benchmark Report provides:

  • A valuable resource to assess and improve a company’s strategic portfolio management practices
  • Insights into the strategies and tactics used by top-performing companies to achieve their transformation goals.
  • Key success factors and best practices that companies can apply.

With clear and concise analysis, the report helps organizations understand the importance of strategic portfolio management and how it can contribute to their overall success.

Shibumi surveyed 265 senior professionals from 9 countries and 15 industries. Departments included Executive Management, Sustainability/ESG, Strategy Realization, Enterprise Project Management Office, Project Management Office, and Transformation Office. All participants work in for-profit firms with a minimum of 1K employees and annual revenue of $100M+.

The survey asks respondents questions about their organizations’ Strategic Portfolio Management and Business Transformation processes:

  • Strategic Portfolio Management is an operating discipline that helps organizations achieve their strategic goals. It focuses on aligning a firm’s investments and projects to strategy, keeping projects and initiatives organized through a lifecycle approach, and making value-based resource allocation and funding decisions.
  • Business Transformation reimagines an organization’s processes, systems, and capabilities to adapt to market changes, innovate, and improve competitiveness.

Download the report to learn:

  • Key findings from 265 senior leaders at major enterprise organizations
  • Actionable insights on transformation, business planning, and performance management
  • Data-driven benchmarks to evaluate your organizational capabilities
  • Investment trends in software tools, AI, strategic portfolio management talent
  • Skillsets leaders seek to help their organizations thrive
  • Expert guidance from Shibumi leaders on enhancing your portfolio management capabilities

A sneak peek at insights inside the report:
✅ How continuous transformation is the new normal
70% of companies are undergoing one or more transformations;
✅ Yet, only 40% of executives said they have the data needed to adapt when priorities shift
✅ Why portfolio management is gaining influence in the C-Suite
✅ How specific AI and analytics use cases boost transformation success
✅ Speeding up data analysis and boosting productivity are top priorities
✅ Agile, adaptable companies outpaced their peers in transformation success


Take the first step towards data-driven transformation. Download the 2024 Strategic Portfolio Management Benchmark Report today.