Actionable insight to how your improvement projects should be defined, measured and monitored


Salient Process and today announced the launch of an offering that enables business and IT to collaborate on alignment of business performance with business strategy. Combining the power of the Shibumi’s industry-leading business execution platform with Salient’s knowledge of Balanced Scorecard ™ method, business and process professionals now have a single place to define, measure and manage the execution of improvement initiatives in a collaborative environment.

logos2“We have observed that the majority of companies struggle to gain desired visibility into leading indicators and effective measurement mechanisms for the Balanced Scorecard ™ as they progress throughout the plan year. Measurement, actionable insights and improved reaction time to the leading indicators are the magic bullets that allow our clients to understand why they are not meeting their Scorecard objectives and performance targets”, said John Robinson Vice President of Solutions at Salient Process. “It is for this reason we are excited to announce this powerful capability using our process-driven, Balanced Scorecard ™ framework combined with Shibumi’s cloud platform to deliver maximum value from improvement efforts and increase our client’s competitive capabilities.”

Align Strategic Objectives with Performance of Key Business Objectives

Map strategy to key business processes. Easily communicate objectives, Define performance targets and initiatives. Increase and control transparency. Cascade performance targets. Track progress and quickly cascade and react to changes in your business and market. Gain command of your strategic goals and transform them into actionable components, initiatives and improvements that are measured and monitored.

About Shibumi

Founded in 2012, Shibumi is a cloud-based application that provides a secure, central location to manage initiatives and deliver better results. Shibumi reduces the need for time-consuming manual effort coordinating status, impact assessments and performance results and helps teams focus on their most important job – executing. Shibumi is a privately-backed company. To learn more about Shibumi, visit

About Salient Process

Founded in 2011, Salient Process is a premier provider of Business Process Management (BPM) and Decision Management (BRMS and CEP) consulting services. Salient Process enables organizations to actualize the measurable benefits of better decisions by linking process outcomes to corporate goals. Utilizing a proven methodology Salient Process partners with organizations to ensure they successfully navigate the process and decision-centric maturity journey. Headquartered in Sacramento, CA the company has offices in Denver and Miami. To learn more about Salient Process, LLC visit