Actionable insight to how your BPM program should be defined, deployed, measured and monitored

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — and Prolocity Consulting announced a partnership to deliver a series of offerings that will enable business and IT to accelerate the adoption of Business Process Management (BPM) throughout the enterprise.  Combining the power of Shibumi’s cloud-based business execution platform with Prolocity’s knowledge and expertise for deploying the BPM management discipline, business and process professionals now have a single place to define, measure and manage the execution of BPM initiatives.

“We have observed that the majority of companies struggle to efficiently and effectively deploy their Enterprise BPM program as they progress throughout the plan year.  Timely communication, disciplined oversight and improved reaction time to key program indicators are the essential ingredients that allow our clients to understand why they are not meeting their program objectives and deployment targets,” said Tom Dwyer, Partner at Prolocity.  “It is for this reason we are excited to announce this powerful capability using our proven approach to practicing the BPM discipline, combined with the industry-leading business execution platform to enable our clients to achieve the objectives of their BPM adoption program.”  “Having a firm like Prolocity deploy its expertise in conjunction with Shibumi’s capabilities is a huge win for any organization serious about improving its processes and making sure the changes stick,” said Ken Pellegrino, Chief Strategy Officer of Shibumi.

Defining, Developing and Deploying Strategic BPM Initiatives

Throughout 2015 Prolocity Consulting will demonstrate their approach for introducing the many practice areas that comprise the BPM discipline.  Each practice is defined by clear objectives, critical performance targets and key indicators.  Those practice areas include:

  • Aligning Process Performance to Business Strategy
  • Defining an Enterprise Business Process Architecture
  • Strategic BPM Planning and Adoption
  • Process Discovery, Measurement, Assessment, and Improvement
  • Process Governance

To assist clients with the design, deployment and management of Prolocity’s BPM services, Prolocity and Shibumi will provide service elements within the Shibumi business platform.  For each BPM Service, these service elements consist of goals, objectives, initiatives and tasks with their associated performance targets.  Availability of the Shibumi support for each of these BPM Services will be the subject of future announcements in 2015.

Map key business processes to strategy. Easily communicate process improvement objectives. Define performance targets and initiatives.  Increase transparency and program accountability. Deeply cascade performance targets. Track progress and react to changes in your business and the market.  Gain command of your strategic goals and transform them into actionable components that can be measured and monitored.


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About Shibumi
Founded in 2012, Shibumi is a cloud-based application that provides a secure, central location to manage initiatives and deliver better results..  Shibumi allows enterprises to stay focused on achieving their goals, collaborate, measure impact and adapt plans as circumstances invariably change. Headquartered in San Francisco, Shibumi is a privately-backed company.  To learn more about Shibumi, visit

About Prolocity Consulting

Prolocity Consulting provides business transformation services which align job activities, processes and organizations to enable innovative “process thinking”, operational improvements and alignment of process performance to corporate strategy.  Utilizing BPM as a management discipline, our approach improves company performance by improving the performance of the processes that run that company.  We help our clients meet expectations for a process from both the customer’s and the company’s point of view.  Prolocity Consulting has offices in Sacramento and Boston.  To learn more about our services please visit