Since our inception, Shibumi has been obsessed with enabling companies to define their strategic direction and help them to better manage the journey to get there. We refer to this process as business execution.

Business execution is comprised of three simple but critical steps:

  1. Define your Goals
  2. Identify how you’ll measure performance
  3. Create the plan to get you there

Now, before you run away from the prospect of tackling all this, keep in mind that Shibumi can support any combination of the three, or just a single one if that’s all you need.

This is why we’re so excited about our latest release – now the process of defining goals, setting performance targets and creating the plan has been integrated into a seamless and intuitive experience.

Focus on the results, not the work

Too often when an organization decides to tackle a big goal, or put a strategic plan in motion, simply managing the process becomes a project in its own right. This distracts the team from the real reason the project was started in the first place. Shibumi wants to change that.

The process of managing the plan, aligning it to the strategy, and monitoring the performance metrics should be an integrated natural experience. It should enable everyone involved to feel connected and empowered. The tedious work of reporting status and progress should be simple.

Start wherever makes sense

Whether you start by defining goals, tracking KPIs, or creating initiatives and work plans, Shibumi can support you.

A common starting point is to use Shibumi to better manage work.  Begin by seeding your work plan with initiatives, phases and tasks.  Quickly invite participants, and then the plan can evolve to match your process.

An alternate approach is to use Shibumi to manage goals first, keeping everyone in the organization on the same page with a clear focus on what’s expected.  Then the work can naturally flow from those goals, guiding effort with purpose.

Simply put, wherever you choose to start, Shibumi is ready.

We’d love your feedback

This release represents a major step in Shibumi’s evolution, and enables organizations to reach their goals like never before.  Let us know how you feel about the changes, and any other thoughts you have about Shibumi.  We love your feedback, and find it a constant source of inspiration, so please keep it coming.