cloudFor any large company, enterprise-class IT requirements must be met prior to widespread implementation and adoption of software solutions. Shibumi is proud to announce that we have released enhanced SSO capabilities. Now, the IT requirements related to account management and user authentication are more easily addressed for Shibumi implementations.


Seamless authentication and account management

With Shibumi SSO, companies (and IT departments) can take advantage of the configuration capabilities exposed through their selected identity management service provider. This includes requirements related to password strength, frequency of password change, account lock outs, etc. Once SSO is implemented, users invited to Shibumi are simply redirected to their company’s login URL or service; there is no need to maintain separate Shibumi-specific account credentials!

For large organizations with hundreds (or thousands) of employees, this ability to consolidate the maintenance of employee system access into a single identity provider is essential.

Standard based consistency and ease of implementation

Shibumi’s SSO authentication adheres to the SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) 2.0 standards. By adhering to this standard, Shibumi can easily integrate with many of the leading identity management service providers. In fact, we worked closely with Ping Identity, Okta, and CA SSO throughout the SSO development effort.

Shibumi will continue to grow our library of reference implementations to streamline the effort associated with configuring Shibumi SSO with your selected service provider.

We know that you trust Shibumi with critical data, and we want to make it easier for you to quickly and confidently grant everyone in your organization access to Shibumi solutions. Shibumi SSO ensures faster solution implementation and employee onboarding which allows your team to begin collaborating quickly and securely.