Norwalk, CT (July 14, 2020) – Shibumi, the leader in strategy execution software, announced an agreement with IBM Services (NYSE:IBM) to supply technology to be included in IBM’s digital Center of Excellence (COE) offering on the IBM Services Essential for Automation platform to help clients speed the design, build and execution of automation strategies.

IBM’s COE  is designed to enable extreme automation for IBM clients tasked with sourcing, scaling, tracking and reporting on automation programs. This new digital COE can help score ideas, prioritize investment, track progress, and inform decision-making to ensure clients can transform their operations as well as employee and customer experiences.  In addition, the digital COE can manage and track all stages of the automation lifecycle from ideation to active deployment and provide stakeholders with planned versus realized benefits for every automata deployed in their enterprise.

“As companies face rapidly changing market conditions, they realize more than ever a need to create more efficient, automated business processes and build intelligent workflows. IBM and Shibumi are bringing together industry-leading technology and experience to help our clients activate extreme automation programs, enabling them to accelerate their automation strategies and help them capture new opportunities and quickly respond to market demands,” said David Pewitt, Global Director, IBM Services.

In their approach to automation, enterprises can be challenged by process analysis, business case evaluation, infrastructure scalability and real-time data challenges. The digital COE can help solve for these issues by democratizing automation across an enterprise that will identify measurable outcomes and give business leaders data-driven results to help them find the best path to success.  The IBM Services Essentials platform is designed to give client business leaders near real-time insights into the performance and ROI on automation workflows and assets.

“Given the current uncertainty, smart executives will be cautious about deploying precious capital and will want to ensure that their existing programs are delivering promised benefits.  Through our collaboration with IBM, the digital COE gives clients tools they need to consistently deliver on their company’s key strategic goals.  We’re excited that IBM and Shibumi can provide a solution that stands to help so many companies to successfully scale their automation programs,” said Ken Pellegrino, Chief Strategy Officer of Shibumi.

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Founded in 2012, the world’s leading advisory firms and organizations rely on Shibumi to achieve their most strategic business objectives. Shibumi SaaS solutions enable programs to define targets, capture ideas and track delivery, all with a unique focus on benefits realization. By integrating with the automation vendor platforms like Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, UiPath and others, the entire end-to-end impact/value of the automation program is now visible to the organization’s stakeholders. For more information, visit