We’re very excited about this release. After many, many requests, we have dashboards. This was one of the most common feature requests and we’ve been working hard to get it out. We’ve built the dashboards to be easily created and managed, so within a few clicks you’ll have something really valuable. Let’s take a look.

Dashboards, out of the box

4-1-13-home2We create your first dashboard automatically and put it right on your homepage. This is your Home Dashboard (yeah, its a very creative name).

Creating additional dashboards is a snap. Create as many as you need, some examples are:

  • Initiative Dashboards: detailing the current phase, key tasks, and target objectives
  • Team Dashboards: keep everyone focused on the goal
  • Executive Dashboards: put an end to manual status briefings

A library of widgets

2-17-13-widgetsYou may be asking, what can I put in these dashboards? Widgets, of course. We’ve created widgets for nearly everything in Shibumi:

  • Initiatives
  • Phases
  • Tasks
  • Objectives
  • KPIs

This library will be ever expanding. Look for additional widgets in later releases.

In support of Dashboards

To make dashboards as valuable as possible, we’ve made a few additional changes.

  • Redesigned Homepage: In order to add the Home Dashboard (mentioned above), we redesigned the Homepage. You now have two tabs, My Work and Home Dashboard. Shibumi will remember which tab you last selected, making that your default view. We really think this will be valuable and support different work styles.
  • 9Custom Status Message: A major part of the dashboards is to communicate status. Now, a detailed status message can be set for each work item (initiative, phase, task). This gives the owner not just color, but text to work with when communicating status.



Let us know what you think of the dashboards, and if you have any idea’s for additional widgets, we’re all ears! Thanks.