With our latest release we’re excited to offer a faster and better way to create and manage initiatives in Shibumi.

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets (and hello to Bulk Create!)

Spreadsheets have long been the fallback solution for managing all types of initiatives or tracking ongoing status. Keeping these spreadsheets organized, collated, and available to everyone is a major challenge for even small sized teams. Now you can copy your plan out of Excel, and paste it right into Shibumi – and inherit all the powerful features Shibumi has to offer.


Getting started is easy. When creating items in Shibumi, choose Create Multiple. Then interact with the grid much the same way you would with a spreadsheet.  Craft your plan ahead of time in Excel, and then copy and paste it into Shibumi.  Or type directly into the grid, if you prefer.  Either way, because the grid allows you to create multiple items at once, you can build your plan MUCH faster.

Gain easy access to your performance metrics!

KPIs give your team and management increased insight into the plan and the results you’ve been able to achieve.

Now you can quickly and easily add your performance metrics directly to a custom initiative dashboard.  Simply create a KPI under an initiative, and it will automatically be added to that initiative’s Performance Summary.

Better yet, organize and customize the dashboard to communicate a tailored view of the most relevant metrics to your team and management – all updated in real-time.  Just like that, you’ll have a convenient alternative to the constant creation and re-creation of status and performance update presentations.