Every organization struggles with how to make sense of and manage the massive amount of information generated each day.  This information includes your strategic goals, the measures you use to determine success and the initiatives your working towards. With the latest release Shibumi makes it simple to generate tabular reports and heatmaps to analyze this information and make it actionable.

Advanced Reports with a few clicks


With advanced reports in Shibumi it’s easy to create tabular reports with a few clicks.

  1. Select what you would like to report on (Goals, Initiatives, Projects, etc…)
  2. Define any additional filters you would like
  3. Add/Remove any columns of data in the report
  4. Click Save

Adding and removing columns is a snap. Click the (+) on the far right on the label row and pick which ones you’d like to add. Shibumi scans the contents of the report and presents you with all the available columns in a simple pick list.

Reports + Templates: Creating powerful management views

When you combine our recently added templating functionality with reporting you get a powerful combination. As you define items in Shibumi based on templates, the reports are even easier to generate, because they all share the same basic attributes.

Take, for example, a project template. Projects can share the same phases and health measures such as budget, scope and timeline to ensure a standard method of evaluation. As you add projects into the portfolio, the reports can automatically pick up your new metrics to give you enhanced visibility into performance in seconds.

Using reports to create tailored lists

Another use of reports is to create tailored views into Shibumi for each user. A user has a set of goals and initiatives she’s responsible for. She has identified the key metrics she uses to gauge performance and she would like all this complied into a simple grid for a one-stop view into her world.  With reports she can now have that exact view, making it much easier for her to interact with all of her relevant data in one place.

She can even manage the data directly from the report with inline editing and our recently introduced preview pane, saving her time and effort and letting her see how changes impact her results.

A game changer

Advanced reporting in Shibumi represents a leap in the types of insights and views that can be generated.  Take a look for yourself. Click ‘Reports’ on the left to get started.