In our latest release, inspired by your suggestions and feedback, we’ve focused on improving two of the core tenets of Shibumi: context and security.

Providing better context

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Context is all about providing perspective: it’s more than seeing the trees or the forest, but the relationship between them – just as individual work items are integral to the success of a larger vision.  Frequently, this just means providing the right information at the right time.  That’s why Shibumi now includes:

  • A better breadcrumb: Understanding how your work fits into the larger plan is critical. Our improved breadcrumb allows you to see this instantly, from any view.
  • More informative email notifications: Our convenient email notifications are there to make sure you’re kept in the loop, and now they include more of the information you need, so you can make decisions directly from your inbox.



Security through intelligent visibility

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 3.10.54 PMThe need for context, however, is counterbalanced by the need for security; visibility is valuable, but not everybody needs to know everything.  Shibumi is designed from the ground up to ensure sensitive information is only visible to those who have permission to see it.  This has the added benefit of filtering out unnecessary noise, letting participants focus on their piece of the puzzle.

  • Permission Management: Owners now can limit who can collaborate on a work item, objective, or KPI, making it as open or restrictive as they see fit.
  • Trickle-Down Security: The owner can also limit who is permitted to share the item with others.  This ensures only the right people gain access.



As always, please let us know how you feel about these new features, and any other thoughts you have about Shibumi.  You can always click the “Feedback” tab from anywhere in the app, so don’t be shy.