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Managing work is really about defining a process that works for the team and for the company. Using a consistent approach ensures things don’t get lost and expectations are set.

To support this in Shibumi we’re introducing the Copy feature. It’s a pretty simple idea: I want to create a new initiative based on an existing one.

Best of all, it’s not just limited to initiatives, you can copy:

  • Initiatives
  • Phases
  • Tasks


Copying an item is simple

Just choose Copy in the options menu, select any settings you want, and you’re done. By copying an item you get to choose what details are copied over.

  • Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 10.02.16 AMParticipants: Do you want the same team involved?
  • Work Plan: Does the new work plan match the existing work plan?
  • Attachments: Do you want all the content that was attached to the existing item?






* Power-user Tip

Make Copy even more powerful by making a few small changes to your work plans.

  • Use relative start and due dates. Make all start and due dates relative to the parent initiative. Then, make the copy, set the start and end dates for the top most initiative, and presto, all the dates in the work plan will automatically update.
  • Use Open Resources instead of individual users. By using Open Resources you can create placeholders for all the roles involved in the initiative. Then, once you copy the initiative, fill those open resources with the rights users.