Why B. Braun Leverages Shibumi to Improve Corporate Performance

With Shibumi, the Medical Device Company Has Standardized Strategic Planning to Achieve Performance Goals

Company Name:
Company Size:
$6.9B Euros in annual revenue
Use Cases:
  • Strategic Portfolio Management
Business Impact:
  • All corporate objectives achieved

Customer Overview

B.Braun is a global leader in medical device development. With more than 60,000 employees distributed throughout the world, the company has an almost 200-year track record of innovation. 


Improve Methodology for Tracking Thousands of Initiatives

Braun, a German medical device company with 60,000+ employees around the world and more than €7 billion in annual revenue, had implemented the seven-step Hoshin Kanri process for strategic planning. This was to help ensure that strategic objectives set by the company’s leadership team were being executed against at all levels of the organization—and that business owners, team leaders, and individual contributors could coordinate on Performance Improvement activities.

The problem was that thousands of spreadsheets were being used to track the planning process, which had become laborious and costly to manage. After determining they needed a robust and flexible platform for tracking thousands of projects with cross-initiative and KPI dependencies, B. Braun’s Performance Improvement business began its search for the right technology partner.


Use Shibumi as a Single Source of Truth for Strategic Planning

B. Braun chose Shibumi to help automate Performance Improvement in late 2019. The company began using Shibumi as a single source of truth for managing Performance Improvement activities, assigning owner at the organizational level, monitoring their progress from gate to gate, and tracking how KPIs ladder up to top-level strategic objectives. This supplanted the patchwork of spreadsheets they had previously used to track initiatives, which was costly in terms of resource allocation nd time.

A core tenet of Performance Improvement at B.Braun is that employees should be able to track adn measure the positive impact that their initiatives have had on the business, which Shibumi has helped facilitate. The platform’s Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) capabilities make it easy to measure the impact of projects—and, in turn, to determine when employees should be recognized for Performance Improvement initiatives that have a positive impact on the business.

Shibumi’s ease of use has enabled the B. Braun business to develop and more easily manage a series of plans and activities to improve performance, such as cost improvements, process improvements, customer experience improvements and regulatory improvements, making the process increasingly agile. This level of engagement wouldn’t have been possible if the company had continued to manage strategic planning with spreadsheets.


Corporate Performance Objectives Achieved in 2021 and Beyond

B. Braun currently has 1,500 active Shibumi users tracking 11,000+ KPIs in real time across 5,000+ initiatives. With strategic planning now fully standardized on Shibumi, the company achieved its corporate performance objectives in 2023.

The remarkable success of this effort has led B. Braun to start digitzing other business functions using Shibumi.

With strategic planning now fully standardized on Shibumi the company has achieved its corporate performance objectives.

Shibumi’s ease of use has enabled the B. Braun business to develop and more easily manage a series of plans and activities to improve performance.

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