One of our main objectives is to provide tools to help you better understand the landscape of your business initiatives and the impact they have on your organization’s goals. That’s why Shibumi offers the report view: the entire plan on a single page, in a printable and downloadable format.

There are several ways to easily take advantage of the report view:

  • Quickly scan the entire plan to see what’s on track and what’s at risk
  • Review a project’s progress in a group setting
  • Print the report for a portable hard copy
  • Download the data in CSV format, for more in-depth analysis in your spreadsheet software of choice

Our latest release is focused on making the report view even better, by giving you more data and more details – so you can make even better, more informed decisions that deliver results.

Some of the key improvements:

  • Filtering: Now you can display the entire plan, or limit it to the top level, as needed.
  • Performance Targets: The report view now includes Performance Target information, giving you a more complete picture of how your goals and initiatives are doing.
  • Comprehensive Data: When you download the report in CSV format, now you get all the data related to the plan and performance targets. That, combined with a spreadsheet application (like Excel or Google Spreadsheets) gives you all you need to run advanced reports and statistics on performance, status, or whatever else you can think of.


We’d love your feedback.

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