Mobile Screen ShotWe’re a world of people on the go.  But just because you’re moving, doesn’t mean your most strategic initiatives, corporate goals and ongoing status have to be out of your line of sight. Our customers get this and so do we.  Armed with a ton of great feedback, we’ve spent the last few months focused on improving the Shibumi mobile experience so you are always in touch with your business, even when you’re on the go – we think you’ll like it!

Our new mobile app takes the most critical elements of our cloud-based business execution application and puts them up front and center at your fingertips. Managing initiatives and delivering results from your mobile device just got that much easier.

Some highlights:

  • Speed: Real-time access to your initiatives, KPIs and discussions.
  • Simplicity: We are obsessed with keeping clutter to a minimum. Each view is focused on the task at hand and only presents the information necessary.
  • Optimized Navigation: Getting around in the mobile app is simple and intuitive. We completely rethought the navigation elements to cater to the smaller screen.
  • Simple Discussion and Task Creation: Starting a discussion or adding a task is available anywhere and can be done with the least amount of taps possible.


Give it a try, there’s nothing to install. Just point your mobile browser to and we’ll handle the rest.