Shibumi’s sales execution platform is transforming static QBR presentations into actionable plans for driving growth.

Shibumi, the cloud-based leader in business execution, introduced a new turn key sales execution app this week that leverages key sales data from the industry’s most widely-used sales tools. This new app gives sales and marketing leaders increased insight and tools to develop action plans that drive increased pipeline and revenue. Shibumi helps create a consistent approach to execute revenue growth initiatives as well as territory, account and opportunity plans that exceed objectives.

“Having run sales organizations for most of my career, we had success using used our CRM platform to store and manage account, opportunity and forecast information. However, I was always amazed that we were still relying on manual presentations, spreadsheets and documents to do Quarterly Business Reviews, Account Plans and Opportunity Close Plans,” said Bob Nahmias, CEO of Shibumi. “Sales teams are running at 110 percent, they don’t have time to waste. Shibumi automates the aggregation of data into views relevant to Strategic Initiatives, QBRs, Account Plans and Opportunity Plans and gives sales teams a simple way to communicate a plan to grow pipeline, drive revenue and execute objectives for the current quarter and beyond.”

Salesforce is the world’s No. 1 CRM company and an integral technology for many sales teams. Shibumi’s integration with Salesforce empowers its customers to leverage their pipeline and forecast data on one of the most advanced and scalable platforms for business productivity.

Make QBRs actionable with dynamic plans that drive increased pipeline and revenue

Users of Shibumi are now able to view their sales and pipeline data side by side with dynamic action plans. This unique approach allows organizations to use real time performance insights to refine a plan of action that will improve results. “With Shibumi and Salesforce, I’m able to measure the effectiveness of our region and territory plans and analyze trends to see what is having the biggest impact on our pipeline and revenue. Our sales leaders use this insight to coach our reps on the best practices that will result in consistent performance,” said Chris Lynch, VP, Sales at Alfresco Software. “Our Region and Territory Plans are now active dashboards and action plans that we use to manage the business rather than our old static QBR decks which were quickly out of date and stuck in a folder.”

Increase your ROI on revenue growth initiatives

Every year organizations invest significant resources in key growth initiatives with the expectations of improved performance. Everyone from the executive team to marketing to product development needs to understand the objectives, metrics and action plans that will determine success. With the new integration with Salesforce, Shibumi can help teams across an organization collaborate, track status, automate reports and update plans around key corporate initiatives and teams can get instant feedback on the impact their efforts are having. “Shibumi has allowed us to communicate objectives, collaborate on action plans and measure performance of some of our most important growth initiatives. Prior to Shibumi our team wasted time managing and reporting initiatives in multiple spreadsheets and presentations. I now have more timely information on what’s working to drive sales and we can spend our time executing programs instead or reporting their progress,” said Sandra Moran, Chief Marketing Officer of INTTRA.

Shibumi finally provides a central location for executives, sales and marketing teams to collaborate and visualize the impact of their efforts on their organization’s top line without resorting to countless emails, status meetings and disjointed spreadsheets and presentations.

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About Shibumi

Founded in 2012, Shibumi is a cloud-based application that provides a secure, central location to manage initiatives and deliver better results. Shibumi reduces the need for time-consuming manual effort coordinating status, impact assessments and performance results and helps teams focus on their most important job – executing. Whether driving new sales opportunities, executing cost optimization or managing a change portfolio, Shibumi helps accelerate the actions that will produce measurable results. Headquartered in San Francisco, Shibumi is a privately-backed company. To learn more about Shibumi, visit

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