We’re excited to share some changes we’ve been working on at Shibumi.

This past year has been ground breaking for us and our customers. Shibumi has been adopted as a standard in many organizations. The way customers are using the platform has become more diverse, providing us valuable insight.  We have been very busy incorporating all of your feedback over the past few months, culminating in our upcoming release.



We’ve made improvements to just about every aspect of Shibumi, but we’d like to highlight a few key areas that you’ve asked about.

When working with customers, what we’ve heard time and time again is:

  1. It has to be simple and intuitive, no training necessary
  2. Allow me to tailor and configure it to match our existing views and dashboards

So, we started with a reimagining of the interface. We wanted to strip away what’s unnecessary and hide what’s rarely used, leaving our customers a concise, simple to use interface.

This is most obvious in the top bar and (lack of) the left navigation. What used to be a text-heavy set of navigation links on the top of each page is now a slim bar of icons, providing the same options.



This allows your information to take center stage, with navigation links taking minimal space.

As you navigate through Shibumi, you’ll discover more subtle changes and improvements to the aesthetics and usability.

We’ve also spent long hours adding more customization options. This includes everything from viewing your data in charts and graphs to controlling the structure and layout of your views in addition to improved formatting options like background and font colors.

Take our new list customization options as an example:



You can now select a set of columns and format them as if you were in a spreadsheet. Text rotation, colors, size, number format, also can be customized.

Given that the vast majority of our customers are coming from existing office tools, we strive to give them similar flexibility in Shibumi. But of course, with all the power of a database driven platform behind it.

These changes are just the beginning and we’re excited for 2016 and the opportunities we have in front of us. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements and as always, keep the feedback coming.