The largest companies in the world are evolving their PPM practices to go beyond the common directive of aligning projects to strategy. Deloitte, for instance, referenced their search for PPM practices to answer the question, “Am I doing the right things right”?

Thankfully, organizations like Deloitte and technology providers like Shibumi are enabling solutions to answer this question.

Future-fit businesses are looked at as living systems, as opposed to static machines. Gile Hutchins is quoted as saying “…these systems are intimately entwined with living systems of society and our more-than-human world.” This is the approach that enterprises are using to layer in the SPM methodology to legacy PPM practices.

Gartner has estimated that 50% of PPM leaders will apply SPM technologies to help them define appropriate projects and programs to align closer to real-world goals. By enabling the C-Suite, Strategy, EPPM, and IT professionals with dynamic, data-backed information, businesses will be able to stack, rank, and prioritize their strategic programs for the problems of today.