The feedback has been pouring in and we’ve seen a common theme in much of it. How do I get my team involved, and how do I keep them engaged? This release was focused on making it as easy as possible to share and collaborate.

It’s so easy to Share!1-13-13-collaborators

You can now start typing in the collaborators field and Shibumi will find the user for you. If the collaborator isn’t already a Shibumi user, we’ll send them an invite automatically. Once they become a collaborator:

  • Set ownership & sponsorship
  • Start a discussion

If you need to share with a group of people, use a Shibumi Group. It’s an easy shortcut.


Please, talk amongst yourselves

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 11.28.21 AMOnce collaborators have been added, starting discussions, posting replies, attaching documents, is a breeze.

  • Keep the conversation in context. When starting a discussion it’s always in the context of work.
  • Reply to discussions and comments from email
  • Delete discussion or replies (we all make typos!)
  • Have a private discussion, visible to just a few collaborators
  • Express yourself by adding formatted text
  • View all Discussions and Replies from your Shibumi Inbox


These features have become critical to our own usage. As a result, our email inbox is nearly empty, all communication is done through Shibumi.