Enterprise Program & Portfolio Management (EPPM)

Execute strategy with agility, responsiveness and simple collaboration


Transform your business through effective strategy execution

Shibumi provides organizations with a single place to identify, prioritize, execute and measure strategic initiatives. Get everyone involved with simple collaboration tools and keep everyone informed with dashboards and reports.

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Simple to use dashboards

Consolidate your portfolio into a set of dashboards. Leverage our rollup views to identify trends and patterns, then take action on the data to improve the process.

Enable strategic decision making

View performance trends, compare benchmarks and leverage scoring models to determine the best path forward.

Foster employee engagement and collaboration

Tailor Shibumi to your process not the other way around. Configure your templates, invite the team and execute with confidence.

speedo Operational improvement initiatives
merge Post merger / acquisition optimization
money Cost reduction initiatives
barchart Metric driven process improvement
sixsigma Lean Six Sigma
crossroads Enterprise transformation

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