"I've tried countless PM tools and always ended up back in spreadsheets until I found Shibumi, now I couldn't imagine going back."

-Will Gaskins, Managing Director

Company: The Efiia Group
Industry: Consulting
Use Case: Project Management
The Customer
Efiia has been helping government and regulatory organizations implement complex solutions that achieve business objectives and comply with security and policy requirements.
The Challenge
Efiia needed a simple way to coordinate a plan and communicate status across multiple independent organizations including SaaS companies, consulting firms and the federal government where security is paramount.
The Solution
Shibumi provided Efiia with a secure, turn-key solution that allowed a multi-faceted plan to be set up quickly and actions to be assigned out to team members, requiring no installation or training for any of the participants.
The Benefits
Shibumi significantly reduces the amount of time spent chasing down status and aggregating updates in spreadsheets across the 5 distinct organizations involved in the program. The plan is on track and calls are brief and focused.

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